British Columbians with a valid BC Medical Services Plan card are welcome to use MouseCall.MD book a video conference with one of our registered physicians.


Using MouseCall.MD is simple. Do you have access to a video conferencing tool like FaceTime or Skype? If you do, you can create an appointment with one of our registered physicians and we will create a video consult for you.


Not all, but many health concerns can be addressed with a convienient video consult with a doctor. If you dont have time, or the mobility to get to your familly doctor, a video consult may be the right choice for you.

"Now that worked well. It was my first time talking to Mike the on line doctor from Big White. I wasn't sure what to expect. I called Joanne at the Scotch Creek Clinic and made an appointment. 9:30 this morning I was put in an examining room with a large computer monitor in it. There was Doctor Mike on the monitor with my records on his computer and we talked about my treatment and how it was going. It was a good experience and I can see this working for many of my Doctor appointments. It won't work for every appointment but it goes a long way to helping with our doctor shortage. It's a hell of a lot better that no doctor access at all. Many thanks to all the people who put this program together." -- Christopherson, Scotch Creek

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Medicine is changing. It's getting better.

Health care in BC is changing, the way it is delivered and experienced are going to be different from now on. There are many opportunities for improvements and efficiencies and tele-health is one opportunity which can now take advantage of.

You're going to love the convenience. See for yourself.

Try out MouseCall, it's covered under your British Columbia Medical Services plan, and you won't even need to leave the comfort of your own home.

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