Before you check in

MouseCall.MD uses state of the art WebRTC technology to enable secure and reliable virtual visits. This requires patients to use the very newest version of their Internet Browser Use our Compatibility test to find out if your computer system configuration is supported.

Close all other programs except your Internet Browser. Close all other websites (they might be opened in other tabs or windows) except MouseCall.MD Turn off all light sources behind you. Closing the curtains on windows behind you might help. Make sure there is enough light shining on your face so the doctor can clearly recognize you. Have your MSP health card ready. The doctor will ask to show it for the webcam first thing when the connection is established so he can create a snapshot for administrative purpose.

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Use a headset for optimal audio quality. Most cellphones come with a compatible headset. Even just wearing earphones will make sure you can clearly hear the doctor. Wearing a headset or earphones will greatly improve the quality of your appointment.

Supported Browsers

If you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and you have updated to the newest version, your browser should be supported. It’s still possiblle MouseCall.MD is not supported because your internet provider or computer settings have disabled required features. Use our Compatibility test to be 100% sure.

Compatibility test

Click here to test your MouseCall.MD compatibility.

What to do if you are not supported?

Update your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser to its newest version. If you already have the newest version and you are still not compatible. Contact our helpdesk

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