What is MouseCall.MD?

See our about page for more information.

Why has this service been introduced?

MouseCall.MD will improve the use of the British Columbia health system by providing you with access to experienced health advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does MouseCall.MD work?

Sign up for an appointment here You will receive an Email with instructions, the email will contain a link to a checkin webpage. On this checkin page you will be able to test your computer and browser compatibility and specify detailed information on the reason for your appointment. After checking in (pressing the button) you will be redirected to a page where you can wait for the doctor to contact you.

Is this service really free?

Yes. It is provided to residents of British Columbia by the Government of British Columbia and is free to all users for 4 times per year. You do need an MSP personal health number (on the back of your care card) to talk to a MouseCall.MD doctor.

When should I sign up for an appointment?

When you have a general health question, sign up for a MouseCall.MD here. MouseCall.MD doctors will give you confidential advice about any health-related concerns such as:

MouseCall.MD does not replace 911 — that's always the first number you should call in emergency situations.

Who will I be talking to?

You will be speaking to a Doctor (General Practitioner) who is registered to practice in British Columbia.

How do I know the Doctor is qualified?

Our Doctors are highly skilled, have many years of experience and are trained to help patients make decisions about appropriate options for care.

What if the Doctors are busy?

Your appointment will automatically be scheduled as soon as a doctor is available.

When should I call my doctor?

MouseCall.MD doesn’t replace the advice of your physician or having regular medical check-ups. MouseCall.MD is an advisory service that provides quick and easy contact with a health professional.

Can I get a prescription?

Yes our doctors can contact your pharmacy after you can collect your medicine personally.

Can I get a doctor referral?

Yes, MouseCall.MD physicians can refer callers to specific doctors.

Can I speak freely?

We treat every call with the same professional confidentiality that you receive from all health professionals. If you are being advised to go to an emergency room, the MouseCall.MD doctor will ask your permission to send your information ahead of your arrival.